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You don’t have to rebuild transmissions in house – there may be a better way. We produce thousands of high-quality remanufactured transmissions, each year, right here in the American heartland. With hundreds of units in stock, the one you need usually ships the same day. And we stand behind our work with an amazing nationwide warranty. Increase your shop’s productivity and profits by becoming a wholesale buyer today.

Remanufactured transmissions vs rebuilt transmissions

A mechanic smiling in an auto repair shop.

Does your shop still rebuild transmissions one by one?
You can increase productivity and profits by doing things differently.

  • What is the difference between rebuilt transmissions and remanufactured transmissions?
  • Why is rebuilding transmissions slower and less profitable?
  • How can remanufactured transmissions bring higher profits to your repair shop?
  • What’s included with a remanufactured transmission?
  • What is the process of ordering and installing remanufactured transmissions?

Wow your customers with an amazing nationwide parts-and-labor warranty
– free with every unit

Since we remanufacture transmissions in our own factory, we’re confident each unit will stand the test of time. That’s why we include a fantastic warranty at no extra charge. You get to offer this great selling point to your customers and look like a hero!

  • Gain customer confidence
  • Close more sales, faster
  • Protect your profits
  • Get nationwide coverage

Learn how to run a better auto repair shop

We founded our own transmission repair shop in 1981. We’ve survived and thrived through good times and bad for over 40 years. Now, we want to share decades of real-world experience with you!

Expert Cody Raney explains why a Hot Flush machine is important when replacing a transmission.

Our secret weapon: The tool every transmission repair shop needs

Investing in this one tool could increase your transmission repair shop’s efficiency, profits, and customer satisfaction. Expert Cody Raney explains how to use this specialized machine to make the transmission cooler perform like new without replacing factory parts with aftermarket retrofits. This higher level of service will raise your team’s…

John Goulden of ACE Transmission Remanufacturing

Career advice for automotive mechanics (young and old)

John Goulden has seen it all. He’s an “old school” mechanic who spent decades turning wrenches and diagnosing automotive problems. But he’s also a technophile who’s earned top-level professional accolades. He’s currently the warranty manager at ACE Transmission Remanufacturing, fielding troubleshooting questions from auto repair shops around the country each…

Marvin Gott smiling in his transmission shop in Springfield MO.
Founder Marvin Gott

About ACE Transmission: Living the American Dream

ACE Transmission grew from a tiny, one-man shack to become the undisputed #1 transmission repair and remanufacturing company in Southwest Missouri. Now we provide reman units to shops like yours across the USA.