The difference between rebuilt transmissions and remanufactured transmissions

A man assembles a remanufactured transmission in a factory.

The transmission repair business has changed. Back in the 1970s and 80s, most general auto repair shops would rebuild automatic transmissions in-house. We used to rebuild transmissions in our own transmission repair shop. But transmissions have changed over time. They’ve become so much more complex. Rebuilding transmissions has become a real specialty skill. It is very time-consuming and requires specialized (and ever-changing) training.

Rebuilding a transmission only bandages the problem temporarily.

Rebuilding a transmission typically follows these steps:

  1. Put the vehicle on the lift and remove the broken transmission
  2. Tear the transmission apart, looking for damage and wear
  3. Research that specific unit and vehicle (each one is different!)
  4. Try to fix or resurface each defective piece
  5. Order parts that can’t be fixed
  6. Deal with the learning curve of working on different units for each vehicle
  7. Reinstall it in the vehicle
  8. Hope that it doesn’t fail since your shop lacks high-tech testing equipment to simulate real-world road conditions for each type of vehicle

Rebuilding transmissions is a very time-consuming process and ties up your repair bays for days (or even weeks). We don’t do things that way at our own transmission shop. Today, we only use remanufactured units and our bay efficiency is very good.

Rebuilding units is also a less effective solution for your clients. In fact, some research shows, up to 70% of rebuilt transmissions fail within the first three years of being fixed.

Reman transmissions are a better solution for you and your customers

That’s why, at ACE Transmission, we don’t rebuild transmissions – we only provide expertly remanufactured transmissions. A “reman” unit is fully restored to manufacturer specifications. It’s a lot of work on our end, but it saves your shop a ton of time and effort – and your customers get better results.

We completely overhaul each remanufactured transmission, so it’s as good as new.

Remanufacturing a transmission follows these steps:

  1. We completely disassemble the unit – every single piece is removed.
  2. We thoroughly wash every part so they are sparkling clean.
  3. We meticulously inspect each component.
  4. We replace or resurface every part.
  5. We repaint the torque converter.
  6. A single transmission expert assembles the entire unit from start to finish.
  7. Highly trained technicians thoroughly test each unit using state-of-the-art dynamometers that simulate real-world road conditions.

This ensures your remanufactured unit achieves a level of quality that is as reliable – if not more reliable – than the one that came new in the vehicle. And we stand behind our work. That’s why we include a 3-year, 100,000-mile, nationwide warranty.

Your shop can earn higher profits, through increased efficiency, by purchasing ready-made remanufactured transmissions from ACE Transmission Remanufacturing.

How to use remanufactured transmissions in your repair shop

The process of ordering and installing an ACE unit is super easy. When you order a remanufactured unit, you can usually leave the vehicle assembled until the unit arrives. This frees up your service bay to help more customers.

Screenshot of the ACE remanufactured transmission online ordering portal.
Our remanufactured transmission online ordering portal
  1. Order an ACE Transmission Remanufacturing unit. Our custom software makes it easy to find and price the perfect transmission for your customer.
  2. We can often ship your unit the same day. To simplify things, we can arrange the freight on your behalf. When buying a single unit, the client pays the cost of shipping, both ways. We’ll do all the logistics work and bill you later. For our higher-volume wholesale distributors, the cost to return the units may be covered by ACE. We can get a unit to any corner of the United States in three or four days.
  3. The unit arrives in a specialized shipping tote.
  4. Install it in the vehicle. (Get paid by your customer that day!)
  5. Put the old unit (the “core”) in the shipping tote and send it to us.

The process of using a remanufactured transmission is so much more efficient. This can cause the gross profit per hour at your shop to be much higher than rebuilding each unit in-house – and we believe the final product is actually better.

Shipping totes for remanufactured transmissions.
Our specialized shipping totes for remanufactured transmissions.
  • Transmission fluid
  • Torque converter
  • Special brackets to hold the unit in the crate, as needed
  • Detailed installation instructions for that exact unit and vehicle