Lots of vehicles inside ACE Transmission repair shop in Springfield MO.

We understand transmission shop owners – because we are transmission shop owners

We understand the concerns and struggles of auto repair shop owners, because we own and operate our own 21-bay repair shop in Springfield, Missouri. It’s one of the largest transmission shops in the United States.

Exterior of ACE Transmission repair shop in Springfield MO.
Our transmission repair shop in Springfield MO.

Great employees deliver great results

After 40 years in business, we’ve developed a team with a wealth of industry knowledge. We have great technicians and our diagnosticians. Many employees have been with us for a long time. In fact, some of them have been with us since I was a little kid.

Speed drives customer satisfaction and profits

We love getting great reviews on Google. People frequently tell us how grateful they are that we served them so quickly. And, we couldn’t do that without our remanufacturing plant and the inventory that allows us to get those units to our store quickly, so we can get those customers back on the road fast.

We used to build transmissions in-house at our repair shop. But we don’t do that anymore. Today we get all our units through our remanufacturing plant. Our repair shop is now much more profitable than it was when we built transmissions in-house. That’s because our bay efficiency is so much better. We are serving more customers, per bay, per year.

Better profits are possible – we’ll show you how

You can make so much more money just by making this small change to increase your efficiency. You can increase your shop’s “gross profit per hour.” It’s all about knowing your financial numbers and finding ways to improve them.

At ACE, we’re always trying to learn to do things better. We’re constantly finding new tips and techniques to serve our customers better and grow our business. But we don’t need to keep these ideas to ourselves. I’m happy to show any shop owner how to build success like ours. I want to give back to the industry.

Let’s build strong businesses together. Become a wholesale transmission buyer today to meet our team of experts.

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