Screenshot of the ACE remanufactured transmission online ordering portal.

Using technology to predict future supply & demand of remanufactured transmissions

We developed custom software that predicts the future consumer demand for each remanufactured transmission unit, so we can keep our shelves stocked with the most popular units for our wholesale clients. We try to stock about 1,000 transmissions at all times – which equals roughly a 90-day supply of each unit, based on the expected need.

Speed promotes transmission shop growth

We’re super focused on providing reliable transportation to your customers in a timely manner. The faster we can get that transmission to your repair shop, the faster you can get that customer on the road. That is our goal.

The faster you can install quality parts and solve your customerss problems, the sooner they tell their friends about your shop and leave you great reviews on Google! This can all lead to more inbound calls and easier sales for your team.

How to order remanufactured transmissions as a wholesale buyer

To become a client, apply for a wholesale transmission buyer’s account.

You can also fill out a credit application. With a credit account, you don’t have to pay for the core units upfront. You can charge the cost of the core. You don’t have to pay for the core if you get the old core back to us within the proper timeframe.

To order a remanufactured transmission, all you need is the vehicle’s year, make, model, and engine (we call this the “YMME”), plus VIN and mileage. Our sales support team will get a perfect unit ordered for that vehicle. If it’s in stock, our team can get it packed up and shipped on the same business day.

What if a remanufactured unit is not in stock?

We try to stay ahead of demand – especially with the most popular units. We do our best to anticipate your needs, so the unit you want is ready to ship the same day. But, unfortunately, we can’t keep every unit in stock all the time. Occasionally we might not have the unit you need ready to ship, at that moment. Don’t worry, we can still help you complete the job, in a timely manner, with a great profit margin.

If it’s one of the more popular units, we are probably already in the process of remanufacturing another one. So there won’t be much delay – maybe just one more day.

If you need something that’s sort of rare, we might have a core on hand to start a custom remanufacturing project. We keep about 4,000 cores in stock. If we have the one you need, we can remanufacture it in seven to ten business days. In that situation, simply leave the old transmission in the vehicle while you wait – that way your service bay will stay open to care for other clients.

If you need something really rare, we might need more time. If we don’t have access to a core for that exact vehicle, you will need to remove the old transmission core and send it to us for a custom transmission reman project.

We want to do whatever we can to serve your needs. We are up for the challenge even if that means taking extra time and effort.

We can even source transmissions from other remanufacturing facilities. No matter where we get your unit, it still comes with the same warranty. We stand behind our work no matter what.

Find your next unit quickly

Our wholesale remanufactured transmission buyers can look up the price and lead time for any unit, for any vehicle, with our custom ordering software. To get access, simply apply for a wholesale account today.

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