Expert Cody Raney explains why a Hot Flush machine is important when replacing a transmission.

Our secret weapon: The tool every transmission repair shop needs

Investing in this one tool could increase your transmission repair shop’s efficiency, profits, and customer satisfaction. Expert Cody Raney explains how to use this specialized machine to make the transmission cooler perform like new without replacing factory parts with aftermarket retrofits. This higher level of service will raise your team’s performance to a new level of professionalism and success.

By Cody Raney

Tiny debris hides in the transmission cooler, waiting to ruin your day

When a transmission fails, small pieces of debris can spread throughout the transmission cooling system. If you install a new or remanufactured transmission but leave a contaminated cooler in place, the entire transmission system is in danger of a repeat failure.

Hazardous materials trapped within the cooler and cooler lines – such as clutch material or other metal shavings – can flow into the newly installed transmission, causing significant issues down the road. A single piece of debris, however minuscule, can obstruct a valve or jam a solenoid, leading to shifting problems and costly damage.

Even if you replace the cooler and the hoses, at an additional cost, you’ll likely have to use generic aftermarket parts that might not perform as well as the original factory parts. Additionally, you may have to replace the radiator if it’s integrated with the cooler.

Cheaper options can lead to expensive problems

Some auto repair shops use cooler flush kits designed for home DIY repairs at home. These cheap kits, like those found at local auto parts retailers, fall into two categories.

Transmission cooler cleaning solvents:

Both of these shortcuts are ineffective solutions and may remove only a fraction of contaminations. But, a minimal amount of debris hidden inside the cooler can pass into the transmission and cause immediate failure.

The aerosol cans produce a very low level of pressure that is incapable of dislodging all the debris. It also works for a limited amount of time, quitting long before the task is complete.

These cheap kits also lack any way of verifying that they have worked – there is no filter system that can be checked.

Remember, if a transmission failure is caused by poor flushing or the failure of an aftermarket cooler, this would likely be considered an “installation error,” which could void the transmission warranty.

All of these risks lead to unhappy customers and decreased shop efficiency.

Get verifiable results with a heated cooler flushing machine

We understand the concerns and struggles auto repair shop owners face because we own and operate our own 21-bay repair shop in Springfield, Missouri. It’s one of the largest transmission shops in the United States. We know how important it is to deliver premium results for your customers. That’s why, at our shop, each R&R technician has their own heated cooler flushing machine made by Hot Flush.

Hot Flush Machine used when replacing an automotive transmission.
Hot Flush Machine used when replacing an automotive transmission.

This specialized machine hooks directly to the cooler lines where they would normally connect to the transmission. It flushes the entire cooler system with high-speed, highly pressurized transmission fluid (no additional solvents or detergents are needed). This fluid is also heated to about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which mimics real-world driving conditions. The heat and pressure open up the pores within the cooler and help identify any failure points within the system.

The hot fluid flows into one of the existing cooler lines, through the entire system, and out the other line to a two-phase filter within the Hot Flush. The machine frequently switches the direction of the flow to further dislodge debris.

The Hot Flush machine is so simple to use

This is one of the easiest pieces of equipment in our entire shop. Even the newest member of the team can operate it, freeing up our more experienced technicians to work on more pressing issues. In fact, most of the time, this machine runs without any human oversight.

Steps to using a Hot Flush machine when replacing a transmission

  1. Attach the blue hose to the cooler’s return line, and the red hose to the other line.
  2. Ensure the machine is plugged into a regular power outlet and connected to an air compressor line.
  3. Ensure the machine is filled with 2 gallons of ATF. Since the fluid will be highly filtered, you can reuse the ATF for about 50 to 60 flushes. AFTs already include detergent, so no other additives are needed.
  4. Set the timer for 30 minutes and walk away – freeing up your time to work in another vehicle bay.
  5. When the machine shuts off, clean the debris from the filter.
  6. Run it again (and again) until the filter comes out clean. We run our Hot Flush machines for a minimum of one hour to ensure the cooler system is clean.

This is so much more effective than simply pouring solvent through the cooler or spraying an aerosol can into the system. You can actually see how much crud the system removes from the cooler and its lines. Plus, you can run the system as long as necessary to ensure the cooler is 99.9999% clean and ready to work with the new or remanufactured transmission.

The end result is a vehicle that retains the original factory cooler and radiator it was designed to use. After you install the new or remanufactured transmission, it’s ready to hit the road!

ACE approved brands of heated cooler flushing machines

ACE Transmission Remanufacturing produces thousands of units each year – enough to supply shops nationwide.

Our wholesale clients are required to either use one of our approved brands of heated cooler flushing machines or replace the entire transmission cooler system. The use of any other solution could void the transmission warranty.

We currently recommend two brands:

G-TEC's TTCF-8 Heated Cooler Line Flusher.
G-TEC’s TTCF-8 Heated Cooler Line Flusher.

We realize that either of these machines represents a significant investment. At our dedicated transmission shop, we own several of them – one for each R&R tech. These machines help our shop run faster, more efficiently, and with fewer warranty claims. 

Since these machines run automatically, our techs are free to work in other bays simultaneously. A single tech can run a Hot Flush in one bay and install a transmission in the next bay at the same time. Our customers are happier, and we can make higher profits.

If you’re ready to take your shop to the next level, consider two highly effective solutions:

  1. Become a wholesale buyer with ACE Transmission Remanufacturing
  2. Start using a Hot Flush machine(s) in your shop
  3. Read our Transmission Shop Blog to learn more about running a successful business, and contact us anytime for advice.

About Cody: Cody Raney is the store manager at ACE Transmission Service in Springfield, Missouri.
“I grew up around cars my entire life. In fact, my dad works for ACE Transmission Service. After High school, I started at ACE as a tech. I did about every task I could find, flagged more hours than anyone else, and worked on any vehicle brand. Then one day, the owner asked if I wanted to take a manager position, and the rest is history.”

About ACE Transmission Remanufacturing: We produce thousands of high-quality remanufactured transmissions, each year, right here in the American heartland. With hundreds of units in stock, the one you need usually ships the same day. And we stand behind our work with an amazing nationwide warranty. We’ve been doing this type of work since 1981. We’re happy to share decades of industry knowledge to help grow your business. Browse the articles here on our shop blog, and give us a call to speak directly with our experts.

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